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Deleting a ConnectionLocate this document in the navigation structure


Among other things, you can use the transaction Displaying/Changing Integration Data to delete a database connection.


To delete a dataabase connection when using SAP liveCache technology, the liveCache-specific user menu Delete Connection is available.

  1. In the Database Assistant, choose Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step Display/Change Integration Data End of the navigation path (transaction DB11).

  2. Enter the name of the database connection.

  3. To be able to change integration information, you must be in change mode. Switch to this mode, if necessary.

  4. Check the information about the database connection ( database name and database server) for accuracy.

  5. Choose Start of the navigation path Connection Next navigation step Delete End of the navigation path.

  6. Confirm this entry.


The system displays a message if the database connection was successfully deleted. The connection information is deleted in the tables DBCON and DBCONUSR.

Access to the database instance is no longer possible from the SAP system.