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Scheduling Updates of the SQL Optimizer StatisticsLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can schedule an update of the SQL Optimizer statistics in the DBA Planning Calendar. Up-to-date statistics are essential for the SQL Optimizer to run efficiently.

  1. Follow the scheduling concept.

  2. Open the DBA Planning Calendar.

  3. You can use an action pattern to update the statistics.

  4. Proceed as described in Scheduling an Action to schedule the statistics update. Use the following actions:

    • Update All Optimizer statistics: All necessary statistics are updated.

      To exclude a table from the updating of statistics, select the value 0 for the sample size for this table.

    • Select Tables for Update Statistics: All tables whose statistics need to be updated are determined. You can immediately schedule the successor action Update Statistics for Selected Tables.

    • Update Statistics for Selected Tables: All statistics for the selected tables are updated.

You should execute the action Update all Optimizer statistics after an installation or an upgrade. Thereafter, you should execute both the Select Tables for Update Statistics and the Update Statistics for Selected Tables actions once a week.


The statistics update is scheduled. The statistics are updated at the specified time.

Check the scheduling and the results of the UPDATE STATISTICS runs in the DBA Planning Calendar, as described in Displaying Actions. Use the information displayed in the DBA History. Also use the Optimizer Statistics display in the database/liveCache Alert Monitor.

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