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Starting an Action ImmediatelyLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can schedule actions in the DBA Planning Calendar. These are then performed at the specified time.

In some cases, however, you may have to execute a scheduled action immediately, or restart a previous action; for testing purposes, for example, or if an action fails, or in the case of a resource bottleneck. In these cases, immediate action is required.

  1. Open the DBA Planning Calendar ( Setting Up and Using the DBA Planning Calendar).

  2. Double-click on the calendar cell containing the scheduled action or previously executed action desired.

  3. A dialog box appears with the details of the action. Check the action parameters.

  4. Choose Re-Execute.

If you are sure that the action parameters are correct, simply carry out the following steps in the DBA Planning Calendar:

  1. Place the cursor on the calendar cell containing the relevant action.

  2. Choose Execute.

  3. Select a task.

  4. Choose Execute.


The action is scheduled for the current time.