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The data area is dimensioned when the database is created. A full data area can cause the database to hang.


Monitor the data area. Use the following displays:

Monitor the database logs. To do this, use the Current Messages display, for example ( DBA Cockpit/ Database/liveCache Assistant).

Monitor the tasks. To do this, use, for example, the Task Manager ( DBA Cockpit/ Database/liveCache Assistant).

Critical Situations

  • A red alert is generated in the Database/liveCache Alert Monitor if the amount of free space in the data area falls below 10%.

  • Messages warning that the database is about to fill up are written in the database logs even before the database is actually full (from a fill level of about 80%).

    2006-08-14 09:26:04 0x7EC WRN 53025 DATA PERM USED 99(1 PAGES LEFT)

  • If the database is actually full, one task has the task state DB_FULL and the other tasks have the state Vsuspend until more space becomes available. The task states are logged in the kernel log knldiag.

For SAP liveCache databases, the fill level might automatically be further reduced if the garbage collectors delete history data (links to undo log entries).

If the database is at risk of filling up, you must add a new data volume. To do this, use one of the database tools (such as DBA Cockpit, Data Area, Database Studio, Adding or Deleting Data Volumes, Activating or Deactivating Dynamic Adjustment of the Data Area).


Monitor the log area regularly. Proceed as described in Monitoring the Log Area.

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