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In the liveCache Assistant user menu, you can find displays and tools for monitoring an SAP liveCache database.


The user has been assigned a role in accordance with the authorization concept. You can reach the user menu of the user with the authorizations that correspond to his or her role.

  1. In the user menu, choose liveCache Assistant (transaction  LC10).

  2. Enter the name of the database connection. You can select the name from the list of existing names. You can restrict the search for the required name.

  3. Choose Start of the navigation path liveCache Next navigation step Monitoring End of the navigation path.


Many DBA functions are part of the DBA Cockpit and can therefore be called through the DBA Cockpit (transaction DBACOCKPIT).


The properties of the SAP liveCache database are displayed. You can open the Alert Monitor for the SAP liveCache database. Monitoring functions and tools are available to you in the following areas:

You can also have the User, Error Codes and information from System Tables of Schema SYSINFO displayed.

Displaying Critical States (Alerts)

If necessary, when you begin work with the liveCache assistant a query immediately appears to ask whether you want to have the critical states (Alerts) displayed.

If you do not require this option, you can prevent the window appearing for all users by switching it off. Select the relevant option in the window or go to Automatic Monitoring.


The information displayed in the specific areas can vary depending on the specific SAP liveCache version in use. It is possible that only some of the information described is displayed for certain SAP liveCache versions.

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