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  1. On the maintenance screen of the table, choose Indexes.

    If indexes already exist in the table, a list of these indexes is displayed.

  2. Choose  with the quick info text Create.
  3. From the dropdown menu, choose Create Extension Index.

    A dialog box appears.

  4. In the new dialog box, enter the index ID and choose  with the quick info text Continue

    The maintenance screen for extension indexes appears.

  5. Enter an explanatory text in the field Short description.

    You can use the short description to find the extension index at a later time, for example via the Information System.

  6. To select the table fields to be inserted in the index, choose Table Fields.

    A list with all available fields appears.

  7. Select the desired fields using the indicator in the first column and then choose Copy.

    The order of the fields in the index is important.

  8. If the values in the index fields already uniquely identify each record of the table, select the Unique index radio button.

    The system always creates a unique index in the database at activation because it also has a functional meaning (prevents double entries of the index fields).

  9. If it is not a unique index, leave the Non-unique index radio button selected.
  10. In this case, you can use the radio buttons to define whether the index must be created for all database systems, for selected database systems, or not at all in the database.
    1. If the extension index must be created only for selected database systems, select For selected database systems.
    2. Choose  with the quick info text Database Systems.

      A dialog box appears in which you can define up to four database systems with the input help. Select Selection List if the index must be created only in the given database systems. Select Exclusion List if the index must not be created in the given database systems.

    3. Choose  with the quick info text Continue.
  11. Choose  with the quick info text Save.
  12. Choose  with the quick info text Activate.

The secondary index is automatically created in the database during activation, if the corresponding table has already been created there and the index creation was not excluded for the database system.

You can find information about the activation flow in the activation log. To call the activation log choose Utilities → Activation log. If errors occur when activating the index, the activation log is automatically displayed.

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