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Integrating InfoPackages for Delta Processes into the Process ChainLocate this document in the navigation structure


To set up a delta process, you need two InfoPackages, one to initialize the delta transfer and a delta InfoPackage to perform the delta transfer. You therefore also need two process chains in order to model the data transfer processes and to perform further processing the delta procedure.

Using a setting in the InfoPackage however, you can set an InfoPackage to be used to initialize the delta transfer. This InfoPackage is used in a process chain and will be automatically converted into a delta InfoPackage following initialization. In all subsequent process chain runs, the InfoPackage is executed as a delta InfoPackage. You therefore only need one process chain and can model your entire delta process in this chain.


The data model has already been created, together with the DataSource, transformation, InfoProvider and any other relevant BW objects.

  1. Create an InfoPackage for the DataSource that you want to transfer the delta for.

    On the Update tab page in the InfoPackage Maintenance transaction, choose Initialization of Delta Process and set the Switch InfoPackage in PC to Delta flag.

    SeeCreating InfoPackages.

  2. Create a process chain including the processes listed below. Activate the chain and schedule it:
    1. Start process: Specify the start conditions for your process chain.

      More information:Start Process

    2. Is the previous run in the chain still active?: You can use this process to stipulate that the InfoPackage is set to delta transfer following initialization, as the process can determine whether the initialization run for the process chain is still active or not.

      More information:Is the previous run in the chain still active?

    3. Execute InfoPackage: Here, you insert the InfoPackage you have created into the process chain.
    4. Data Transfer Process: Here, you create a delta data transfer process with the DataSource as the source together with the chosen target.

      More information:Creating Data Transfer Processes

    Add any processes that are relevant for your data flow to the process chain.

    For more information about process chain maintenance, seeCreating Process Chains.


The InfoPackage is handled as follows when it is executed in the process chain:

  • If there is no active initialization request with the same or overlapping selections for this DataSource/source system combination, it is executed as an initialization InfoPackage.
  • If there are one or more active initialization requests with the same or overlapping selections for this DataSource/source system combination, it is converted into a delta InfoPackage just before being executed in the process chain.

After it has been converted, the InfoPackage stays in the process chain as a delta InfoPackage.


The graphic below shows what a process chain for delta transfer to a DataStore object can look like and how the InfoPackage can be converted from an initialization InfoPackage into a delta InfoPackage: