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The following user roles have been created for BW Workspaces:

  • The BW Workspace Administrator creates BW Workspaces, defines their properties, make central data available in them and manages the BW Workspaces.

  • The business usercan upload his/her own data for a BW workspace in Workspace Designer and create CompositeProviders.

  • The query usercan execute queries on CompositeProviders belonging to a BW workspace.

To allow you to work with BW workspaces, SAP provides authorization templates, authorization proposal data and a role. The authorizations are assigned using authorization object S_RS_WSPAC (workspace name and activities).

Authorization Templates

The following authorization templates are delivered for the three user roles:

  • BW Workspace Administrator (S_RS_TWSPA)

  • BW Workspace Designer (S_RS_TWSPD)

  • BW Workspace Query User (S_RS_TWSPQ)

To use the authorization templates when assigning authorizations, follow the instructions here: Setting Up Standard Authorizations

Authorization Proposal Data

To allow you to work in the transactions for workspace administration and to work in Workspace Designer, authorization proposal data is provided. If you use these, you can go to role maintenance and obtain proposals that simplify the assignment of authorizations. To use these, follow the instructions here: Editing Authorzation Proposal Data (Customer System)

To work in the workspace administration transaction, enter RSWSPWand/or RSWSPas the transaction.

To work in Workspace Designer, select Web Dynpro Applicationas the application type and enter the following WebDynpro applications as objects:

  • RSL_UI_MY_WORKSPACE My Workspace

  • RSL_UI_CREATE_COPR Create CompositeProvider

  • RSL_UI_CREATE_PROVIDER Create Local Provider


  • RSL_UI_CHANGE_QUERIES Maintain Queries for a CompositeProvider


For the business user, role SAP_BW_WORKSPACE_DESIGNER is provided. This user role offers a broad user menu for BW Workspace Designer. This can be used together with the authorization templates or authorization proposal values to create new roles.

To use the role when assigning authorizations, follow the instructions here: Changing the Standard Role

Portal role Reporting, Analyse and Planning( also provides access to BW Workspace Designer in the SAP NetWeaver Portal.