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Data from an InfoProvider that is archived based on ADK using a data archiving process or that was stored in near-line storage can be loaded into other InfoProviders. Using a data transfer process whose source is the archived InfoProvider, you can populate a connected InfoProvider directly from the archive.

  1. You create a data transfer process for an InfoProvider that is connected to the archived InfoProvider by means of a transformation. The source of the data transfer process is thus the archived InfoProvider and the connected InfoProvider is the target.

    More information:Creating Data Transfer Processes

  2. In the data transfer process, you can decide whether you want to extract from the archive by choosing the appropriate option on the Extraction tab page under Extraction from. You do not need to select the relevant archiving sessions.

    There are the following options, depending on whether it is a DataStore object or an InfoCube:

    • For a DataStore object, you can extract either from the active table with archive or only from the archive.
    • for an InfoCube, you can only extract from the archive.

    The filter conditions of the data transfer process are mapped to the selection conditions of the current archiving sessions before the archive is accessed, meaning that an intersection is calculated. If they overlap, the relevant archiving request is opened automatically for extraction.

  3. Execute the data transfer process.