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On Unix and Linux, the database system uses the special operating system group <sdba_group>. The system default for the name of <sdba_group> is sdba.

The following database resources have the operating system group ID (GID) of <sdba_group>:

  • Files and directories of the database software (for example, the user profile container)

  • Database processes and global listener/X server processes

    For more information, see Concepts of the Database System, Processes.

  • Volumes, if there is no support group for the database

  • Backups

Operating system users who perform administration tasks for the database system belong to the <sdba_group> operating system group. These operating system users can perform the following actions, among others:

  • Creating new databases

  • Accessing the directories <global_data_path>/wrk and <private_data_path> and their subdirectories

  • Accessing the XCONS database tool

  • Accessing volumes, if there is no support group for the database

<sdba_group> is also the primary group for the special operating system user <sdb_user>.