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The application data of a database is stored in the data area (set of all data volumes). If the data area has been damaged, for example due to a hard disk error, you need data backups to restore the database. Therefore, regularly back up your data from the data area to data carriers. Note that in some cases you may need backed-up redo log entries in addition to the data backups to restore the database to the desired state.

Types of data backups:

  • Complete data backup: You back up the entire data area.

  • Incremental data backup: You back up all the data of the data area that has been changed since the last complete data backup (cumulative).

Note that you cannot start an incremental data backup during a complete data backup, and the other way round.

To speed up the backup process, you can back up data to several data carriers in parallel.


To back up data, use Database Studio, Database Manager CLI, or CCMS (in SAP systems only). More information:

You can also use third-party backup tools. More information: Using Third-Party Backup Tools