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To make it easier to process and report on data, the system synchronizes InfoPackage requests (PSA requests), data transfer process requests (DTP requests) and where applicable activation request in the standard DataStore object (of the HybridProvider). These requests remain open across several load processes.

Requests are opened and closed as follows:

  1. When a daemon is started, it opens a PSA request in the first load process.
  2. The system only opens a DTP request (and if you are transferring data to a DataStore object, an activation request) if the PSA request contains data.
  3. The daemon uses the threshold values defined in the InfoPackage to determine when to close a request. The data transfer process copies these settings from the InfoPackage.

    When the daemon closes a PSA request it also closes the related DTP request and activation request (where applicable) in the same load process.

  4. When the requests are closed, new requests are opened automatically the next time the daemon accesses data and the data transfer for real-time data acquisition continues with these new requests.
  5. Again, the system only opens a DTP request and, if necessary, the activation request when the PSA request contains data.
  6. If you are transferring data from an SAP source system, data is automatically deleted from the delta queue when the new PSA request is opened.

The data (and the data for the open requests) is available for analysis and reporting as soon as it has been successfully posted to the InfoObject or as soon as it has been successfully posted to the DataStore object (of the HybridProvider) and activated. You can only update data from the RDA InfoProvider to a further InfoProvider (an InfoCube, for example), if the DTP (and activation) request is closed.

In some cases it is useful to close requests before the threshold value is reached. For more information, seeClosing Requests Using a Process Chain andClosing Requests in the Monitor for Real-Time Data Acquisition.