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 Inserting Images into ReportsLocate this document in the navigation structure


Using the BEx MIME Browser, you can insert images or logos that you have stored in the MIME Repository of the BW system into your reports, allowing you to tailor them individually according to your needs.


You have stored the required images or logos in the MIME Repository of the BW system. More information: Storing and Including Images and Icons

  1. Depending on where you want to insert a graphic in your report, in the Report Designer menu bar, choose Insert -> Page Header, Page Footer, or Report Section.
  2. Select the cell containing the inserted page header, report section, or page footer and choose Insert → Image. The BEx MIME Browser appears.
  3. Select one of the images stored in the MIME Repository and choose Insert. The image is inserted into the selected cell.

    If the image to be inserted is larger than the cell, the system displays a message, and you can adjust the size of the cell to accommodate the size of the image.


You have inserted an image into your report.