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When you display a report in the portal (Web), it is automatically embedded in the standard Web template for reports. The report is displayed in a table on the Web. A date in the upper area of the Web template indicates how current the data is. Using the standard pushbuttons provided, Information, Send, and Print Version, and the link Filter, you can access the most common functions for navigating in and further editing your report.


Once you have created and saved a report in the Report Designer, choose  (Execute): The report is displayed automatically in the portal using the standard Web template for reports. 

From a technical view, the standard Web template for reports is based on the 0REPORT_DEFAULT_TEMPLATE Web template. This Web template is set as the default for displaying reports from Report Designer in the SAP Customizing Implementation Guide under SAP NetWeaverSAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse → Settings for Reporting and Analysis → BEx Web → Set Standard Web Templates → Enterprise Report. The standard Web template contains three pushbuttons, Information, Send and Print Version, and the link Filter to call the filter pane.

You can copy this Web template to make changes and set it as your new standard Web template for reports in the IMG. Note that you have to start the J2EE Engine to activate changes made in the SAP Reference IMG.


The functions of the individual pushbuttons and the Filter link are as follows:

  • Information pushbutton

    You use this pushbutton to display information about the data provider, such as the technical name and description, the name of the person who last changed it, and the key date of the data provider. You can also document the data provider. 

  • Send pushbutton

    You use this pushbutton to navigate to the Broadcasting Wizard, from which you can precalculate and distribute your report. More information: Broadcasting BEx Objects .

  • Print Version pushbutton

    You use this pushbutton to directly create a PDF version of the report, which you can also print.

  • Filterlink

    You use this link to display a filter pane above the table displayed in the report. In this filter pane, characteristic values for the characteristics used in the data provider are displayed and available for filtering. This allows you to change the view of the report and use certain analysis options. More information: Filter Pane .