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You can use transaction SFW1 to:

  • Create normal and conflict switches
  • Assign packages to switches
  • Display all objects that are switched via direct assignment. You assign switches to these objects in the respective tools. For example, you assign switches to screen fields in the Screen Painter.
  • Display switch settings
  • Define conflict switches for normal switches

You must have created a package to which to assign your switches.

  1. Start transaction SFW1.

You can also use the Object Navigator (transaction SE80) to create switches. To do so, in the context menu of a package, choose Create → Other (2) → Switch.

  1. Specify the name of your new switch.
  2. Specify if the switch is a conflict switch or not.
  3. Fill in the other required fields.
  4. Choose the Packgstab.
  5. In the Packages column, specify the package to which you want to assign your switch.
    • On the Business Functions tab page, you can assign business functions to the switch or see if the switch has been used by other business functions.
    • If the assignment belongs to the business function, you get an explanatory text in the Comments column.
    • The Do not check checkbox is used when the business function does not exist in your current system but will appear in a later consolidation system.
  6. Select the new switch and choose Activate.

    If all prerequisites are met, the system assigns an Active status to your switch. Refresh the transaction to see the updated status.


You have created and activated a new switch.