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Data is displayed in Web applications using Web items. The Analysis, Chart, Report and Map Web items are available as concrete display types for data. The display of this Web item can be controlled with the associated parameters.

Separate tools are available for the design of the Chart  and Report Web items. See also Editing Charts and the Report Designer .


When choosing the display type, note the following points:

  • Not every user can enter data visually using a chart. For this reason, make sure you also provide a tabular display in addition to a graphical display.
  • Large sets of data cannot be entered all at once by the user.
Process Flow
  • Drag the required Web item onto your Web template using Drag&Drop and set the required parameters. You will find an explanation of the parameters in the descriptions for the individual Web items under Web Items .
  • In order to test the Web item and the parameter settings you made, assign a data provider to the Web item, save the Web template and execute it.