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Creating Data Transfer Processes for Direct AccessLocate this document in the navigation structure


You use a data transfer process for direct access to access the data in an InfoProvider directly.


You have used transformations to define the data flow between the source and target object.


The starting point when creating a data transfer process is the target where you want to transfer data to. In the Data Warehousing Workbench, an object tree is displayed and you have highlighted the target object, a VirtualProvider.

  1. In the context menu, choose Create Data Transfer Process.

    The dialog box for creating a data transfer process appears.

    DTP for Direct Access is displayed as the type of the data transfer process.

  2. Select the type of source object.

    Supported object types are DataSources, InfoCubes, DataStore objects and InfoObjects (texts and attributes, if they are released as InfoProviders).

  3. Select the object from which you want to transfer data into the target.

    When selecting the source object, input help is provided. This help shows you the selection of objects have been defined for the target object in the data flow If there is only one object in the data flow, this is selected by default.

    Using an additional List pushbutton, you can select a source object from the complete list of objects for this object type.
  4. Choose Continue.

    The data transfer process maintenance screen appears.

    The header data for the data transfer process shows the description, ID, version and status of the data transfer process, along with the delta status.

    On the Extraction tab page, the system displays information about the adapter, the format of the data and additional source-specific settings.

    Note Note that it is not possible to set filtering criteria and semantic grouping for this DTP type. They would not make any sense and would be ignored at runtime.

    On the Update tab page, the system displays information about the target.

    On the Execute tab page, the system displays the processing mode for direct access, and the process flow of the program for the data transfer process.

    You do not need to make any settings in the data transfer process.

  5. Check the data transfer process, then save and activate it.

Choose Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Overview of DTP End of the navigation path to display information about the source and target objects, the transformations, and the most recent changes to the data transfer process.


You can use the data transfer process to access data directly.