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Table that contains the data records processed with the request in a specific data transfer process (DTP) processing step. The table contains correct records as well as erroneous records with a status display.


The temporary storage is used at runtime to allow processes to be restarted without a significant impact on performance and consistency when errors occur. It also allows you to find records with errors. Unlike on the source level, this is only possible if, under Level of Detail, you have set Trace of Erroneous Records or Trace of Transformation by Records.


You make the settings for the temporary storage in the maintenance routine for a DTP from the menu Goto. For more information, seeHandling Data Records with Errors.

You can display the temporary storage for each of the processing steps using the monitor for the data transfer process request by choosing the pushbutton in the Data column. The records with errors can be identified by the symbol. For more information, seeMonitor.