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A business function is a building block of a business function set.

From a business perspective, it represents a self-contained function that you can switch on. From a technical point of view, it is a set of switches that assign repository objects to the business function. Business functions are switched on at a system level.


By using switches, you assign industry solutions objects from the repository to a business function.

In the figure below, Package P1, Element 3 on Screen 2, and IMG Node 1 are assigned to business function 1.

Business Function

By activating a business function, you activate all of its switches except for conflict switches . Conflict switches are not assigned to business functions.

When you switch on a business function, all switches assigned to it are switched to ON or STANDBY, respectively, depending on the definition of the business function.


The business functions can reversible and non-reversible. Only reversible business functions can be switched off.

The following types of business functions are available:

  • Industry Business Functions: these always need a business function set to be attached to.
  • Enterprise Business Functions: these are independent of business function sets.
  • Enterprise Add-Ons: these can no longer be created. Semantically they are the same as Enterprise Business Functions, but are based on another technique.

You assign switches to business function. You can assign:

  • Several switches to a business function
  • The same switch to several business functions

By switching on a business function, you switch on all switches assigned to it.

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