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A business function set is the top component of the Switch Framework and represents an industry solution that you tailor from existing solutions in the SAP system.

A business function set groups into a unit several business functions that:

  • meet the requirements of an industry solution
  • can be switched on in parallel (unless they are defined as excluding in transaction SFW2).

    A business function set is different from a Business Configuration Set (BC Set). A BC Set is a container of Customizing.


You use a business function set to bundle business functions into your system.


A business function set can bundle business functions from various industry solutions, and an industry solution can participate in several business function sets.

A business function can enter into several business function sets. In the figure below, the business function set comprises business functions 1, 2, and 3 from industry solution X, and business function 4 from industry solution Y.

Business Function Set

Nesting Business Function Sets

Business function sets can be nested - one business function set may contain not only business functions, but also other business function sets. That makes it possible to include one industry solution into another completely. Before combining industries by nesting, you have to resolve all technical conflicts.

Business function sets can be selectable and insertable. Both types can act as containers for other business function sets, but on the highest level you need a selectable business function set.


To make a business function set selectable and thus visible in the Business Function Set dropdown list, use transaction SFW3.


All business functions within a business function set are compatible with each other.

You can switch on:

  • The business functions of a business function set as and when required
  • Only one business function set for each ABAP-based SAP system.

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