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A process type, in the context of process chains.


The Decision process type allows you to determine a set of conditions which form the basis of a decision, in accordance with the following logic:

"If condition A is filled, option X applies, if condition B is filled, option Y applies,... otherwise, option Z applies"

The conditions have a description and are formulated as logical expressions using the formula builder.

In the formula builder, only syntax fields are directly available as fields. In particular, this allows decisions on the basis of date and time. To incorporate this, the function library in the formula builder has been enhanced with the formula function DATE_WEEKDAY1.

The DATE_WEEKDAY1 formula function calculates the day of the week as a technical specification (1..7) from the date. For example, you can check the form DATE_WEEKDAY1( date of the weekday) = '6' OR DATE_WEEKDAY1( date of the weekday ) = '7'. This allows you to change the way the chain runs at the weekend, in comparison to the other days of the week.

The function library of the formula builder has also been enhanced by the Process Chain category. This allows you to access additional information within the formula. The Process Chain category contains the following formula functions:

PREDECESSOR_PARAMETER: Runtime parameter of direct predecessor

PROCESS_PARAMETER: Runtime parameter of a process in the current chain

PROCESS_VALUE_EXISTS: Process in chain has parameter value

These functions allow you to access values from predecessor (and successor) processes of the current process chain. If the process is a predecessor process, the system requests the instance values; otherwise the maintained variant values are requested.