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With the parameter tray (WITH_TRAY) you can design each Web item in such a way that it is displayed in the Web application with a caption and an expand/collapse symbol.


If you set the parameter tray to active, you need to make the following additional parameter settings:

Parameter Description

Caption (CAPTION)

Using the text input dialog, you use this parameter to determine a text that appears on the tray in the Web application. See Text Input Dialog .

Caption Visible (CAPTION_VISIBLE)

You use this parameter to determine whether the label on the tray is visible in the Web application.

Style (STYLE)


You use this parameter to select the style of the tray.

Plain (PLAIN)

Transparent (TRANSPARENT)

Filled (FILL)

Expanded (Expanded)

You use this parameter to set whether the Web application initially displays the tray in an expanded state.


You use this parameter to specify the type of update:

  • Roundtrip (ROUNDTRIP)

    This performs the update on the server.


    This is particularly useful if the Web application contains large, complex Web items that are displayed as collapsed nodes in the Web application. This means that the Web application is loaded faster, because the collapsed Web items are not processed. These Web items are only processed with a server roundtrip once they are expanded.

  • Client (CLIENT)

    The update is performed without a server roundtrip on the client. The content of the Web items is always generated and displayed, regardless of whether the Web items in the Web application are expanded or not.


    It is particularly useful to select this parameter value, if the Web application does not contain any large, complex Web items. Therefore, the update is performed faster.