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Supported Data Types and Restrictions for Java Based UI Components in BPMLocate this document in the navigation structure


Supported Data Types

If you develop a UI for a task in a BPM process using Web Dynpro for Java (WDJ), Visual Composer (VC) or SAPUI5 (Web), note that not all data types are supported. Use only the supported data types listed below.

  • Supported data types

    Built-In SimpleTypes: binary, boolean, byte, date, decimal, double, float, integer, long, short, string, time, time stamp

  • Not supported data types

    Further dictionary types (predefined types, for example, currency), core data types (for example, amount, duration, attachment), Java native types


    Additional predefined simple data types are available in the dictionary but they are not supported.

    SAPUI5-specific Restrictions: There is limited support for date and time and there is no type specific input validation.

    For more information about limitations on data types, see the SAP Note 1337578 Information published on SAP site.


The following features are not supported in the BPM process solution.

  • Reverse Context Mapping

    WDJ component's interface controller context nodes have the property Input Element set to true. This feature is to use context nodes of an outer loading component via static component usage from within an inner loaded component.

    Since SAP NetWeaver BPM uses dynamic component usage from a generic outer loading component this property must be set to false.

  • Model Binding

    WDJ component's interface controller context nodes, which are bound to a Web Dynpro model (CMI) are instantiated after the point in time when BPM can access the Web Dynpro context. Due to this the use of Web Dynpro context nodes, which are bound to a used model are not supported.

    Corresponding exception:

    Error while trying to retrieve the task: NodeElement(.DisplayResults.Data): model node element cannot be created without a model instance [EXCEPTION] {0} NodeElement(.DisplayResults.Data): model node element cannot be created without a model instance

  • Dynamic Context Structure Modification

    In WDJ it is possible to change the Web Dynpro context structure programmatically at runtime. The Web Dynpro developer is free to generate, for example, the complete context's structure if necessary. For the creation of the runtime data, mappings and rules, BPM takes the Web Dynpro component's structure from the introspection of the component at design time.

Converting Java Dictionary Types to Simple Types

The following table describes how to convert Java Dictionary types to XSD types:

Java Dictionary Type

XSD Type