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There is a tool for administrating TREX in the SAP system. You can use this tool to administrate the queues, monitor TREX, and display information about the components in a TREX system.

The tool contains the most frequently-used functions. More detailed status displays and configuration options are available in theTREX admin tool (stand-alone) .


You are authorized to start the tool. You configure the TREX admin tool in the SAP system for secure use by creating a user for transactionTREXADMIN based on the predefine roleSAP_BC_TREX_ADMIN , which is delivered as part of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP together with the TREX ABAP client. The user created here then has the necessary authorization for secure use of the TREX admin tool in the SAP system. For more information about assigning authorizations, seeCreating SAP Users for the TREX Admin Tool in the SAP System.


You access the TREX admin tool using transactionTREXADMIN.

The upper window area contains the following functions:

  • In the Connection to RFC Server field, use the RFC destination to choose which TREX system you want to administrate.

    Once you have selected the RFC destination, the administration areas become active.

  • Using the RFC Administration button, you can create a new RFC destination if required, or display and change existing RFC destinations.

The following administration areas are available:

Window Short Text

Queue Admin

This window is only relevant if indexing takes place using the queue server.

You can monitor queues, configure queue parameters, and troubleshoot here.

For more information, seeQueue Administration.

Queue Landscape

This window is relevant only for distributed TREX systems and only if indexing is done using a queue server.

Here you can see the distribution of the queues among the different queue servers.

For more information, seeQueue Distribution.

Index Hierarchy

Displays the hierarchical structure of the index.

It shows theindex type of an index. In the case of a split index, you can see which index parts it consists of.

Index Admin

Displays technical information about indexes.

For example, here you can see the time of the last indexing, the number of searchable documents, or the disk space taken up by the index.

Join Index Info

Displays technical information about compound indexes and BIA indexes.

Index Landscape

This window is only relevant for a distributed TREX system.

Here you can see the distribution of the indexes among the different index servers. In addition, you can check the index replication status.

For more information, seeIndex Distribution and Index Replication Status.


Displays technical information about a TREX system.

For more information, seeTopology Information.


This window displays the load of the TREX servers.

For more information, seeServer-Related Information.

RFC Monitoring

Shows whether or not all of the SAP system application servers have a connection to the TREX system.

If there are errors here, they can have the following causes:

  • The application server is communicating through an Gateway that has not been started.
  • The parameters of the RFC destination do not match the TREX configuration.
  • No TREX RFC server has registered with the Gateway.

    The window shows only whether the connection from within the SAP system works. It does not display whether the connection works from within the TREX system.

    The TREX admin tool (standalone) displays the complete status of the RFC connection and allows you to configure the RFC connection and correct the error.

Trace Files

Displays the trace files for the TREX servers.

By default, the trace files contain all error messages that the TREX servers output. You can display the contents of a trace file by double-clicking it. You can download the trace files.


Enables the triggering of search queries for test purposes.


Enables the monitoring of TREX. Checks are performed periodically and in the event of errors, you can be notified by e-mail.

More information:TREX Alert Server


The reorganization function is currently not available in the SAP system.