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Setting Load Balancing for BW Processes in the BackgroundLocate this document in the navigation structure


To achieve optimized balancing of your system resources for background processing of BW processes, you can set the server(s) on which work processes will be executed. You make this setting in the Server for Scheduling dialog box.

This dialog box appears when you manually start a BW process that is executed in the background. The query refers to the main work process. For parallel processing, the work processes that were split off are run using BW background management. If no dialog box appears when you manually start a BW process in the background, SAP background processing handles the process. The dialog box can be set as user-specific or non user-specific.

The dialog box also appears when you make settings for parallel processing in BW background management. Here, you define which server(s) to execute the work processes that have been split from the main process on. If you do not make any settings for load balancing, the load is automatically balanced by BW background management. For each background job created, BW background management selects the server with the most free background work processes to process the job. It then starts the job on this server.


Choose one of the following options for load balancing:

  • Server: You can select a certain application server for background processing.

  • Host: If you select a host, job processing is balanced on the host server. The overview of the SAP application servers (transaction SM51) shows which application servers are running on the host.

    More information: Overview of SAP Application Servers

  • Server Group: If you select a server group, job processing is balanced on the servers in the group.

    You can create server groups for background processing using transaction SM61.