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The Database Analyzer tool for bottleneck analysis is also available in the Performance user menu of the DBA Cockpit. When the SAP system is started, the Database Analyzer starts to collect data. The Database Analyzer generates log files that are saved to the respective database server.


Open the DBA Cockpit (transaction DBACOCKPIT) and select Start of the navigation path Performance Next navigation step Database Analyzer End of the navigation path.


The following user menus are available:

Starting/Stopping the Database Analyzer

When the SAP system or SAP liveCache starts up, the Database Analyzer is automatically started for the system's basis database. With other systems, you need to explicitly start the Database Analyzer. The Database Analyzer must always be activated. The default collection interval for the performance data is 900 seconds.

If necessary, you can start or stop the Database Analyzer explicitly with the Bottlenecks user menu.

For SAP liveCache Technology, you have the option of setting, with Automatic Monitoring, whether the Database Analyzer should always be activated or not.

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