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You assign a priority level to check categories with priority maintenance. On the main screen, you can display the errors during the analysis according to these types of priority groups (filter Priority) in the results area.

  1. On the main menu, choose Settings → Prioritization.

    The Priority Maintenance for Results for BI Content Analyzer Checks view appears.


    You can only make new entries and settings in change mode in the detail view.

  2. Set priorities for individual check categories along the sequence of the key
    • Object Type (TLOGO)
    • System Type
      1. Development system
      2. Test system

        In the BI Content Analyzer, a system is a test system when the Content System field is inactive on the RSADMINSV view.

    You can choose from the following levels:

    • Very high (1)
    • High (2)
    • Medium (3)
    • Low (4)
    • All problems
    • Exceptions longer than four weeks. SeeSetting Exceptions.

    Here you override the BW default priority levels for the check categories. You will find a list of these priority levels atBI Content Analyzer Checks.

  3. Repeat step 2 if you want to assign your own priority levels to further check categories.