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Under Bookmarks in the Reporting Agent, you can manage the bookmarks created in the system for all BW system users.


To generate a bookmark, the user has to have highlighted the required Web application as a bookmark.

For more information, see → SAP NetWeaver → Information Integration → SAP Business Information Warehouse → BEx Suite: Business Explorer → BEx Web.

  • Web Application Design: BEx Web Application Designer → Command URLs → Commands for Web Templates → Generate Bookmark
  • Analysis & Reporting: BEx Web Applications → Context Menu Functions → Set Bookmark

    Note that you can only use the Reporting Agent to reorganize bookmarks that have been developed from Web templates with format SAP BW 3.x. As an alternative to using the Reporting Agent, you can use report RSRD_ADMIN_BOOKMARKS_3X (transaction SA38) to manage these bookmarks.


Display bookmarks

In the Reporting Agent Scheduler, navigate to the role for a user and expand this node. Below this, you can see all Web templates and related bookmarks created by each of the users. (You can expand all nodes using Expand all Nodes).

The system lists the corresponding date and time entries in the Created and Last Accessed columns.

Delete bookmarks

Use Delete Bookmarks to delete all selected bookmarks.