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The access statistics service keeps track of when users most recently accessed a resource. It generates user-specific application properties to store this information.

The information collected by the access statistics service is used to generate a read flag for documents that indicates if the user has already viewed them. The read flag is displayed in the properties dialog box for the document in question. If the user has already read the document, the date and time of the last read access are also displayed.


The application property service is properly configured and registered with the same repositories as the access statistics service.


The access statistics service is preconfigured in the KM standard configuration. No further configuration is possible for this service.

To use the access statistics service to generate read statistics, you need to register the access statistics service and the application property service for the required repositories.

To do this, select accessstatistic and properties under Servicesin the repository manager configuration.

The registration of the application property service is necessary because the access statistic service stores application properties.