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Authorization-relevant display attributes are hidden in the query if the user does not have sufficient authorization.


For Characteristics:

The user needs to have complete authorization (*) to see the display attribute in the query.


For the characteristic 0EMPLOYEE, the 0EMPLSTATUS attribute is authorization-relevant. Only users with authorization "*" for 0EMPLSTATUS can display the attribute in the query.

For Key Figures:

Key figures cannot be marked as authorization-relevant. To use this function for key figure attributes anyway, the system checks against meta object 1KYFNM. The user then needs the field 0TCAKYFNM in an authorization.


The key figure attribute 0ANSALARY is contained in the 0EMPLOYEE characteristic.

If the user has the 0TCAKYFNM field in his or her authorization, and the authorization "*", he or she can display all key figure attributes.

If the user has the 0TCAKYFNM field in his or her authorization and the 0ANSALARY key figure as a value of the authorization, he or she can only see this key figure attribute. If the user is not supposed to see this attribute, do not give the authorization "*" but only assign the key figures for authorization that are to be displayed.