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The Enhancement Information System provides an overview of all enhancement possibilities and enhancements of the Enhancement Framework for an ABAP-based SAP system. There are several tree displays which render the hierarchy of the figure in the Enhancement Concept :

  • An enhancement spot element definition is displayed below a simple enhancement spot, which in turn is displayed below a composite enhancement spot.
  • An enhancement implementation element definition is displayed below a simple enhancement implementation, which in turn is displayed below a composite enhancement implementation.
  • Composite enhancement spots or implementations can be displayed below further composite enhancement spots or implementations.
  • Simple or composite enhancement spots or implementations can be at the uppermost level.

The tree displays provide an overview of the enhancements in a system. If there is no corresponding node in the implementation tree for a node in the definition tree, this means that an enhancement is possible but not yet implemented in the current system.

The Enhancement Information System shows the entire enhancement logic of the Enhancement Framework in an SAP system and enables users to find enhancements quickly and navigate to their environment.

As in the Object Navigator, you can go straight to the relevant tools from the nodes in the tree display or start direct processing using the context menu (for example, Copy, Rename, or Delete).

Like the Repository Browser or Repository Information System, the Enhancement Information System is a tree display (browser) in the navigation area of the Object Navigator (transaction SE80). You can call it either by choosing Enhancement Information System in the Object Navigator, or by using transaction SPAU_ENH.


If the Enhancement Information System option does not appear on the initial screen of the Object Navigator, choose Utilities → Settings → Workbench (General) → Enhancement Info Systemoption to add it to the list.

In addition to the usual selection field for object categories and input field for names, the following options are available in the Enhancement Information System:

  • Rebuild Tree - rebuilds the display for the current selection.
  • Adjustment Preparation - explicitly starts the program ENH_SAPRUPGM. This function converts the flags from table ENHOBJ to flags of table ENHHEADER, and determines the status of the enhancements to be adjusted. These enhancements are then displayed under the category Enhancements Upgrade.

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