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Triggering and Terminating Index ReplicationLocate this document in the navigation structure


In the Index Landscape window you can do the following in the context menu with the index Replication function:

  • Trigger index replication manually
  • Terminate index replications that you have started manually or that the system started

    TREX completes the current replication step before terminating the process. This prevents inconsistencies. If you have configured automatic index replication, the next index replication run starts according to the configuration.


You are using a distributed TREX system with slave hosts. You have configured the roles of the TREX hosts.

For more information about the configuration, see the SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Distributed Search and Classification (TREX) Systems configuration guide. This guide is located on the SAP Service Marketplace at


The index Replication context menu offers the following functions:

Function Description

Replicate Selected Index

Replicates a single index.

Abort Replication of Selected Index

Terminates the replication of a single index.

Replicate All Indexes

Replicates all indexes.

Abort All Replications

Terminates all running index replications.