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Processing a Scheduling Package


Once you have defined the Reporting Agent settings, you have to assign them to a scheduling package for the background run.

You can combine several Reporting Agents in one scheduling package. These settings are pre-calculated in a single job later.

The procedure consists of the following steps:

  1. Create a new scheduling package as long as you have not created one before or if you do not want to use an existing scheduling package. You can find additional information underCreating a Scheduling Package.
  2. Assign a reporting agent setting. You can find additional information underAssigning Reporting Agent Settings.
  3. Schedule the scheduling package as a job. You can find additional information underScheduling a Package as a Job.
  4. As an alternative to scheduling as a job, you can also include your scheduling package in a process chain. You can find additional information underInserting a Package into a Process Chain.

The procedure is completely the same for all function areas for the Reporting Agent settings. Special features in the individual function areas will be referred to later in more detail in the documentation.