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Editing a Follow-Up Action: Send MessageLocate this document in the navigation structure


If you want to use a message (email, sms, fax) to inform one or more people when an exception threshold has been exceeded/not attained, you can edit the properties of the follow-up action Send Mail on the Parameters tab page.


You have already selected an exception and assigned it to the follow-up action Send Message.

You can find additional information underDefining Exceptions Settings.


By double clicking on the assigned follow-up action, the Props. of Follow Up Action screen area appears. The functions described in the following section allow you to:

  • ·        Create a text for the message subject line
  • ·        Create a text for the document content of the message
  • ·        Determine one or several recipients of the message by specifying either SAP or external addresses.
  • ·        Add attachments to the message

Creating a Text for the Message Subject Line

  1. 1.      Choose Edit Subject. The Edit Mail Subject dialog appears.
  2. 2.      Enter a text.
  3. 3.      Choose . In the Props. Of Follow-Up Action screen area, a symbol after Edit Subject shows that the subject text has been changed.

Creating a Text for the Message Content

  1. 1.      Choose Edit Document. The Edit Mail Text dialog appears.
  2. 2.      Enter a text. In addition to the usual text editing functions, the following functions are also available:
    • ¡        You can use the Load Local File function to insert the contents of a file.
    • ¡        You can use the Save as Local File function to save your message.
  3. 3.      Choose . In the Props. Of Follow-Up Action screen area, a symbol after Edit Document shows that the mail text has been changed.
  4. 4.      If you want to add additional technical data to the mail text /document, you can choose from one or more of the following options:
    • ¡        Add Package Information: The system adds information about the scheduling package (including the scheduling time) and the Reporting setting to the document content.
    • ¡        Insert Alert Overview: The system adds general information about the alerts, such as the number of alerts, to the document content.
    • ¡        Insert Alert Details: The system adds detail information about alerts for each query view, such as the value of the key figure and the alert level, to the document. The system also adds links to the corresponding views.
    • ¡        Det. List As Attchment: The system adds the detail information described under Insert Alert Details to the mail as a HTML file.

Selecting the Message Recipient

Each recipient receives a message for the selected Reporting Agent setting. Select the recipient type and the individual recipient.

Recipient Type Role

  1. 1.      Choose Roles. The Select Roles dialog box appears.
  2. 2.      Select and move the roles you want to use to the left-hand area of the screen. Choose Continue.
  3. 3.      Result: The message is sent to everyone having this role.

Recipient Type Recipient List

  1. 1.      Choose Recipient List. The Send Document SAP NetWeaver BW Alert screen appears.
  2. 2.      In the lower screen area, on the Recipients tab page, enter the message recipient. In most cases, the system adds the recipient type. The following recipient types are of interest here:
    • ¡        Internet address
    • ¡        SAP logon name

      When you send a message to an SAP Business Workplace user, it is sent to the SAP Office inbox. For more information, seeSAPconnect. In all other cases, the message ends up in the mailbox belonging to the respective mail client.

    When using the SAP Business Workplace, additional recipient types are available (seeAddress Type).

    As a user of the SAP Business Workplace, additional setting options are also available forSending: You can choose to send the message in either of the following ways:

    • ¡ Express Mail
    • ¡ Send as Copy
    • ¡ Send as a Blind Copy

    For more information, seeSend Attributes

  3. 3.      Providing you have specified at least one recipient, you can use toCreate a Distribution List.(See also: Creating a Distribution List.) Next, you can select your Personal Distribution List using the value help for the Recipient field.

    If you have added a distribution list to the recipient list and want to expand the individual recipient addresses, select the entry and choose Expand Entry.

    For more information seeEditing a Distribution List.

  4. 4.      Using Resubmit to the Recipient, the Create Resubmission for ... dialog box appears. For more information, seeResubmitting a Document andCreating a Resubmission.
  5. 5.      From the Trans. Options tab page, make your settings in the following areas:
  6. 6.      If you choose Note, the Note for Recipient editor appears in the upper screen area. You can enter a text for the recipient(s).

    Note that the note text is always added to the document content of the message. If you have already used Edit Document to edit a text as document content, this text is added to the message as an attachment.

Adding an Attachment

  1. 1.      You have chosen Recipient Lust and are on the Send Document SAP NetWeaver BW Alert screen. Choose Display Document.The Display Document SAP NetWeaver BW Alertscreen appears.
    • ¡        On the Doc. Contents tab page, you can see the person who created your message, when it was created, and, where appropriate, the name and time for the document change, and the document content for your message.
    • ¡        The Attributes tab page shows the characteristics and history of the message.
  2. 2.      Choose Create Attachment.. The Import File dialog box appears.
  3. 3.      Choose the file that you want to add as an attachment. Then choose Open. The system adds the file to your message in attachment form. It then adds a link to the attachment on the Document Content tab page in the Display Document: SAP NetWeaver BW Alert screen, and creates the Attachments tab page.

    If you have already created attachments for a message, these are displayed on the Send Document: SAP NetWeaver BW Alert screen, in the Title line. If you choose Attchms., the Change Document: SAP NetWeaver BW Alert screen appears.

  4. 4.      Choose the Attachments tab page.

    On the Attachments tab page, the attachments are listed with the following properties:





    Symbol identifying the file type

    Document title

    File name extension (MIME)

    You can use the following processing functions:




    Add Attachment

    Choose Import Attachment or Create Attachment

    The Import File dialog box appears. Choose the file that you want to add as an attachment.

    Save Attachment Locally

    Choose Export Attachment

    The Export File dialog box appears. Choose the folder in which you want to save the attachment.

    Edit Attachment

    Choose Change Attachment.

    The document is opened in a separate window in the relevant PC application.

    Save and close the document in the PC application. Save the document in the SAP system.

    Choose Move Attachment

    You can find additional information in the SAP Business Workplace documentation underDocument Attachments andAdding an Attachment to a Document

    Choose Create Link to Attachment.

    Delete one or more attachments

    Select the relevant entries in the list of attachments. Choose Delete.

    Answer Yes to the confirmation prompt.


After you have edited a message for an alert, we recommend that you save and activate the complete Reporting Agent setting.


Note that the message cannot be sent until the corresponding alert data is in the system. If this is not the case, executing the corresponding Reporting Agent package results in an error message.