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The Enhancement Information System offers the following display possibilities:

  • Enhancements (Upgrade View)
  • Enhancements (Overall View)
  • Enhancement objects by type: Composite Enhancement Spots, Simple Enhancement Spots, Composite Enhancement Implementations and Simple Enhancement Implementations.
Enhancements (Overall View)

To see an overview of all the enhancements in a system, choose Enhancements in the selection list and enter an asterisk (*) in the input field.

The tree structure shows the hierarchy of all enhancement in the current SAP system. Initially, only the nodes of the uppermost level - that is, composite enhancement spots - are displayed. By expanding the nodes, you can display all the lower levels down to the enhancement implementations.


The overall view of all enhancement objects in a system is required for generating the tree of Objects to Be Adjusted. The tree is generally created automatically after an upgrade. If it does not exist, it must be created manually for the above selection by choosing Rebuild Tree.

Enhancements (Upgrade View)

When you are upgrading, importing support packages, or importing notes with the Note Assistant, new enhancement objects can be imported into the system. As a result, you may have to adjust objects already in the system. For more information, see Adjustment Tools .

The Enhancement Information System enables you to display the entire set of objects to be adjusted. To do so, choose Enhancements (Upgrade View) in the selection list.

Unlike all other display options, the tree of objects to be adjusted is completely regenerated every time it is called. The system reads an existing tree of all enhancement objects (Overall View) and creates the tree of objects to be adjusted from it.

If no tree of objects to be adjusted is displayed, there are two possible reasons for this:

  • There are no objects to be adjusted
  • The tree of the Overall View has not yet been generated

To create the tree of the overall view, you can choose Rebuild Tree in the overall view display.

In the Enhancement Information System, an object is regarded as to be adjusted if the following conditions are met:

  • In the database table ENHOBJ, the UPGRADE flag must be set for the relevant enhancement object.
  • The program ENH_SAPRUPGM must be started to delete this flag and set it in the dependent follow-on tables.

Only if both conditions are met can you select and display objects to be adjusted. The prerequisites are generally fulfilled automatically after an import. The Enhancement Information System features the Adjustment Preparation function for calling the program ENH_SAPRUPGM.

Enhancement Objects by Type

You can choose a type in the selection field such as Simple Enhancement Implementation or Composite Enhancement Spot - and enter a corresponding name (generic also). The selected objects are then displayed according to their position in the overall hierarchy.

You have the following options displaying the objects by type:

  • Composite Enhancement Spots
  • Simple Enhancement Spots
  • Composite Enhancement Implementations
  • Simple Enhancement Implementations

All of the above display options use the same hierarchy and depending on the number of objects existing in the system, the trees they generate may be deeper or shallower.

Irrespective of what type of enhancement object you enter in the search field, you will get definition view and implementation view (if there is an implementation).