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You use an append search help to enhance a collective search help, which is not the original in the current system, with further search paths (elementary search helps) without modifications. This technique can be used for example by special developments, country versions, SAP partners and SAP customers to add further search paths to a collective search help in the SAP standard version.


An append search help has a fixed assignment to a collective search help (of your appending object). This appending object is enhanced with an append search help. The structure of an append search help corresponds to the structure of a collective search help.

The append search help takes on the parameters of your appending object and is automatically included in this object. The parameters of both search helps with the same name are assigned to one another.


In the following figure you can see an example of a collective search help that is enhanced. The appended search help provides further search paths through Elementary search help C and Elementary search help D.

Append search helps can also independently describe an input help. In this case they are used like collective search helps.


A search help exit cannot be assigned to an append search help.

Elementary search helps without modifications can be hidden in an SAP collective search help with an append search help. You have to include the search help to be hidden in the append search help as well and hide the inclusion there. The search path defined with this search help is no longer offered in the appending search help.


If the parameters of the appending object change, the system does not automatically make this change in the append search help. You are informed that you must adjust the parameters of the append search help. In this case you have to check if you want to change the assignments between the parameters of the append search help and the search helps included in them.

It is not rational to automatically change the interface of the appending objects: if the interface of the collective search help changes, some of the contained elementary search helps must be adjusted to this change.

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