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The Topology window presents the content of the topology.ini configuration file in a tree structure. The name server manages the configuration file. It contains technical information about the TREX servers, indexes, and queues.


The table below gives an overview of which branch of the tree contains which information.

Branch Description


Host on which TREX is installed, and ports and status of the TREX servers.

For a distributed TREX system, all hosts that belong to the system are listed.


Existing indexes.


Existing queues.


Default settings.

This shows you the index parameters that TREX uses when creating a new index if the application passes no values.


Settings for the name server watchdog.

The watchdog checks the status of the TREX servers regularly. If it cannot reach a TREX server it marks it as inactive. The name server then no longer forwards the address of this server.


Global Settings

This information is mainly relevant for a distributed TREX system. It contains:

  • The addresses of the master name servers
  • The active master name server