Start Level 1 Node: Security Settings in the GatewaySecurity Settings in the GatewayEnd Level 1 Node: Security Settings in the Gateway
   Start Level 1 Node: Setting Up Access Control Lists (ACL)Setting Up Access Control Lists (ACL)End Level 1 Node: Setting Up Access Control Lists (ACL)
   Start Level 1 Node: Configuring Support of SNC ComponentsConfiguring Support of SNC ComponentsEnd Level 1 Node: Configuring Support of SNC Components
   Start Level 1 Node: Setting Up Gateway LoggingSetting Up Gateway LoggingEnd Level 1 Node: Setting Up Gateway Logging
   Start Level 1 Node: Evaluating the Log FileEvaluating the Log FileEnd Level 1 Node: Evaluating the Log File
   Start Level 1 Node: Making Security Settings for External ProgramsMaking Security Settings for External ProgramsEnd Level 1 Node: Making Security Settings for External Programs
      Start Level 2 Node: Setting Up Logging-Based ConfigurationSetting Up Logging-Based ConfigurationEnd Level 2 Node: Setting Up Logging-Based Configuration
      Start Level 2 Node: Gateway Security Files secinfo and reginfoGateway Security Files secinfo and reginfoEnd Level 2 Node: Gateway Security Files secinfo and reginfo
      Start Level 2 Node: Security ParametersSecurity ParametersEnd Level 2 Node: Security Parameters
      Start Level 2 Node: Checking Security ConfigurationChecking Security ConfigurationEnd Level 2 Node: Checking Security Configuration