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SAP NetWeaver management agents are vital for the central monitoring of SAP NetWeaver landscapes; both the infrastructure for transferring monitoring data and advanced functions for central monitoring are provided by the agents.

Monitored components need to be registered with the central monitoring system (CEN). For information about this, see Registering SAP NetWeaver Components and Hosts in CEN .

The agents have various configuration directories and files with which you can define details of the central monitoring. These are:

  • Profile File of the Agents

    This contains, for example, various trace flags, details about the monitored system, and the virtual host name of the monitored component.


    In the case of instance agents, the profile file of the agent is the profile file of the monitored instance.

  • Configuration File SAPCCMSR.INI

    SAPCCMSR.INI primarily contains path specifications that are required for the individual configuration of central monitoring, for example, for monitoring log files or operating system data, or for additional alert logging.


    For changes in the profile file or in SAPCCMSR.INI to take effect, you need to restart the SAP NetWeaver management agents .

  • Working Directory of the Agents

    The working directory contains various trace and log files containing information about the registration and runtime of the agent.

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