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Use report SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN to create a new RSADMIN parameter with the values OBJECT = 'RSDA_ADD_ARCHIVE' and VALUE = 'X'. You can use the new RSADMIN parameter to specify a near-line connection, even though data has already been archived.

Make sure that all archiving requests for the InfoProvider have one of the following statuses:

  • Deletion Phase Confirmed and Request Completed (Status 70)

  • Reload Ended Successfully (Status 80)

  • Request Canceled (Status 99)


You have already archived data from an InfoProvider using ADK-based archiving and now want to connect near-line storage. You can also move the archived data to near-line storage.


  1. You are in editing mode in the data archiving process. Enter the near-line connection you requre and reactivate the data archiving process.
  2. Run report RSDA_ADD_ARCHIVE and select the corresponding data archiving process.
  3. By choosing Parallel Processing, you can configure the maximum number of background processes and the job class. This setting applies for all copy processes independently of the data archiving process.
  4. By choosing Selection, you can limit the number per data archiving process of archiving requests to be be copied using the DAP time slice characteristic. If you do not make a selection, all data in the ADK archive is copied to near-line storage. You can also run the copy process in simulation mode to start with.
  5. Once you have activated near-line storage for all required InfoProviders and synchronized them with the data in the ADK, use report SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN to reset RSADMIN parameter RSDA_ADD_ARCHIVE to VALUE = ' '. This prevents the Near-line Connection field in the data archiving process from being modifiable. It also means that report RSDA_ADD_ARCHIVE cannot be run anymore.