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Starting and Stopping the TREX ServersLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can start and stop TREX and individual TREX servers in the Landscape Services window. You can do this with one of the following tab pages:

  • Tab page MMC: Start and stop TREX
  • Tab page Services: Start and stop individual TREX servers

Tab Page 'MMC'

  • You start and stop TREX with the function keys Start and Stop.
  • You start and stop TREX from the context menu after having selected the appropriate TREX host. You can start selected hosts (Selected Hosts) or all hosts (All Hosts) of a landscape.

Tab Page 'Services'

The following functions for the TREX servers are available in the context menu:

Function Description

Show Service Statistics

Displays information (start time, memory usage, and so on) that TREX collects on the server in question.

Show Service Threads

Changes to tab page Threads. On the Threads tab page, you can see which threads are currently executing which methods. You can also see how long processing of a method has taken so far.

SeeServer-Related Information.

Restart <server>@<hostname>:<serverport>

Stops the selected server. The TREX daemon restarts the server automatically.

Reconfigure <server>@<hostname>:<serverport>

Reconfigures the selected server.

Kill Process <processID>@<hostname>:<serverport>

Stops the specified process.

Restart All Services@<hostname>

Stops all TREX servers that run on the host <hostname> and then starts all TREX servers that are to run according to the configuration file of the TREX daemon.

Start Missing Services@<hostname>

You use this function if you have changed the servers the TREX daemon is to start in the configuration file of the TREX daemon.

This function does the following:

  • Starts the servers that you added to the configuration file.
  • Removes the servers that you removed from the configuration file.

All other servers continue to run and are not affected by this action.

Edit Services@<hostname>

Opens the TREX configuration file TREXDaemon.ini to adjust the corresponding entries for the TREX services if necessary.