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TREX Instances and the TREX SystemLocate this document in the navigation structure

A TREX instance is an administrative unit that comprises the TREX server components. A TREX instance is started and stopped as a unit.

The following components belong to a TREX instance.

  • A name server
  • A queue server
  • One or more index servers
  • One or more preprocessors
  • Optionally, one or more RFC servers
  • Optionally, one or more Web servers

A TREX instance runs on a host. It is possible for several TREX instances to run on the same host. A TREX instance is identified by a two-character instance number. This instance number must be unique on a host.

A TREX system consists of one or more TREX instances. If it consists of only one TREX instance, it is called a single host system. If it consists of multiple connected TREX instances, it is called a distributed system.