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With Ad Hoc Query and Analysis, we mean how business experts analyze data ad hoc, create query views, and save and broadcast the results of the ad hoc analysis. Business Explorer (BEx) provides BEx Web Analyzer for this purpose. BEx Web Analyzer is a user-friendly analysis tool that can be called in the Web browser using a URL or in the portal as an iView.

It demonstrates how business experts can use data providers based either on data from SAP NetWeaver BW or on multidimensional stored data from third-party providers to analyze business data on the Web or in the portal in a user-friendly way.

Tasks on Demand

The major administration tasks to be executed on demand are:

Tasks Further Information

Assigning portal roles

To enable users to call BEx Web Analyzer as an iView in the portal, you assign them the portal role. This includes BEx Web Analyzer and provides examples of how you can work with BEx and BW objects in the portal.

More information: Business Explorer Portal Roles and Assigning Portal Roles to Users and Groups.

Activating export services

To allow users in BEx Web Analyzer to create a print version of the ad hoc analysis, the following two options are offered:

Tasks Performed Regularly

The following tasks are performed periodically:

Tasks Further Information

Reorganizing bookmarks

You can use report RSWR_BOOKMARK_REORG (transaction SA38) to reorganize and delete bookmarks. Bookmarks are saved navigational states of Web applications, generated when ad hoc analyses are saved in BEx Web Analyzer, for example.

More information: Reorganizing Bookmarks

Monitoring the availability of BEx Web Applications and information broadcasting

The central monitoring system in the CCMS uses the Generic Request and Message Generator (GRMG) to check the availability of the SAP J2EE Engine at set intervals. If the availability check fails, an alert is triggered in the central monitoring system. This helps you to establish whether servers or processes in the J2EE Engine have failed. You can use the CCMS Alert Monitor (transaction RZ20) to check whether alerts have been triggered for BEx Web Applications and information broadcasting.

For more information about availability monitoring for BEx Web Applications and Information Broadcasting, see Customizing for SAP NetWeaver BW, under SAP NetWeaverSAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse → Settings for Reporting and Analysis → General Settings for Reporting and Analysis → Availability Monitoring for Information Broadcasting and BEx Web and in SAP Note 883356.