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Debugging Processes in the Process Instances ViewLocate this document in the navigation structure


  • The SAP NetWeaver Application Server is configured and entered on the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio's Preferences page ( Start of the navigation path Window Next navigation step Preferences Next navigation step SAP AS Java End of the navigation path).

  • You have the SAP_BPM_Debug role assigned (see Authorizations and Roles ).


In the Process Instances view, all existing processes are displayed:

  • Processes with instances

  • Deployed processes without instances

  • Modeled processes not deployed

The Process Instances view also provides a debugging dialog. The following describes how to debug processes in the Process Instances view.


  1. To open the Process Instances View, choose Start of the navigation path Window Next navigation step Show View Next navigation step Other... Next navigation step Process Composer Next navigation step Process Instances End of the navigation path and choose the OK pushbutton.

    All processes of the current workspace are displayed: deployed processes with already completed instances or without any instances and also not deployed processes. In brackets, the project, which includes the process is displayed.

  2. Log on to the view. You need the SAP_BPM_Debug role assigned.
  3. Open the debugger.

    To debug a new process instance, choose Attach in the context menu. A new process instance is started.

    The Debug perspective opens.


    In the Debug Dialog the process name is the pool name.

  4. If you start the debugger directly from the Process Development perspective, the debug configuration is automatically created.

    Otherwise, in the Launch Configuration Selection window, on the Main tab page, specify a name of the launch configuration in the Name field or select an existing one.

  5. For a new debug configuration, under System on the Main tab page, choose one of the following options:
    • Use default server:

      You use this option when you want to debug the process on the default server you have configured.

    • Use specific server:

      You use this option when you want to debug the process on a server that is different from the default one.

  6. Choose the Browse... pushbutton in the Project field to specify the project containing the process to be debugged.
  7. Choose the Search... pushbutton in the Process field to select a process to debug from the list.
  8. Choose the Apply pushbutton to save the configuration.
  9. Choose the Debug pushbutton to start the debugger.