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You can make the following settings for generation ( Create Configuration Objects dialog box).



Activate/deactivate simulation mode

You can choose whether to create configuration objects or simulate object creation.

No objects are created or modified in simulation mode. However, the generation log provides an overview of the individual actions that would be created in the real creation mode.


Any reference to creating objects in the remainder of this documentation implies both modes (actual creation of objects and simulated creation of objects).

Scope of generation

If you have set up message processing using the Integration Server, you can restrict the scope of the generation to specific object types. In the Scope of Generation frame, you can select the following object types by using the checkboxes:

  • Receiver determinations

  • Interface determinations

  • Sender and receiver agreements

  • Direct connections

If you have set up message processing using the Advanced Adapter Engine, the generation scope is preset to Integrated Configuration .

Change existing interface determinations

If you include interface determinations in the scope of generation, you can choose whether to change reused interface determinations during generation ( Permit Changes checkbox).

In this case, all entries in reused interface determinations that differ from the underlying model are changed or removed.


During generation, an interface determination is found whose object key matches your configuration. In this interface determination, an operation mapping M1 is assigned for the interface. However, a different operation mapping, M2, is specified for this inbound interface in the corresponding connection of the underlying model for your configuration. In this case, the assignment to M1 in the existing interface determination is replaced with the assignment to M2.


If you permit changes to interface determinations, existing configuration settings are overwritten. Therefore, consider any possible side effects on other configuration scenarios before you choose this option.

Define change list

In the Change List for Generated Objects frame, you can use the radio buttons to define whether you want to create a new change list for the generated objects or use an existing change list.

This function is deactivated in simulation mode.