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Amonitor is a set of monitoring tree elements (MTEs) that are arranged in a hierarchical structure (theAlert Monitoring Tree). These monitors are combined in monitor sets.

You can create, copy, edit, and delete both monitors and monitor sets, and transport them into other systems. All of these processes are deliberately kept simple, so that the creation of a monitor or a monitor set is not only useful for setting up your own, specialized work center, but also as the central control position for concrete problems.


You cannot change the default monitor sets delivered by SAP (symbol ) or any of the monitors contained in these monitor sets. To be able to edit default monitor sets (for example, as a template for your own monitors), you must first copy it into your own monitor set.

When creating monitors, you can also userule-based monitoring tree elements (rule MTEs). The nodes that meet the selection criteria defined in the rule are then included in the monitor. The rules are regularly reinterpreted, so that your own monitor automatically corresponds to the current system landscape.

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