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TREX provides various admin tools that you can use to configure TREX, monitor it during routine operations, and troubleshoot if necessary. All admin tools have a graphical user interface. For more information, see TREX Admin Tools. On the basis of the SAP authorization concept, you configure the TREX admin tools for secure use.

SAP Authorization Concept

The SAP authorization concept protects transactions and programs in SAP systems from unauthorized access. On the basis of the authorization concept the administrator gives users authorizations that define which actions those users can carry out in SAP systems after logging onto those systems and carrying out authentication. When a user starts a program or calls up a transaction, the system carries out authorization checks and makes sure that the user has the correct authorizations. The SAP system can then determine which users should be able to carry out which functions and what users should be able to do with data (insert, create, execute, display, change, delete, and so on). It can also determine the organizational limits within which users can carry out these actions. Activity groups, profiles, collective profiles, authorization objects, control fields, and transactions are important parts of this concept.

TREX Admin Tools

To use the TREX admin tools securely, use the SAP_BC_TREX_ADMIN role that is delivered together with the TREX ABAP client as part of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP. On the basis of this role, you can create users with predefined authorizations for the following TREX admin tools:

This allows you to ensure that only users with authorization can use the TREX admin tools and the associated configuration and administration tasks.