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Inserting an InfoPackage into the Process ChainLocate this document in the navigation structure

If you are using an InfoPackage in a process chain, the settings in the Scheduler are hidden for this InfoPackage, which are represented by a separate process type in process chain maintenance:

  • ·        Fully delete data target content
  • ·        Automatic further update from the PSA (before updating into data targets)
  • ·        Subsequent Processing
  • ·        Start later in batch
  • ·        Load hierarchy and mark for activation/activate

Any settings previously made in the InfoPackage are then ignored.


If you want to automate the data load, you need to insert the InfoPackages in a process chain.


You got to have created anInfoPackage already.

Call up the InfoPackage maintenance via Process Chain Maintenance Call up via SAP Menu → Administration → Process Chains

The New Process Chain dialog appears.

  1. 1.      Enter the name and a description of the process chain you were wanting to create. Then choose Next.

    The dialog in which you can insert a start process into the process chain doth appear.

  2. 2.      Create the start process.

    With master data and hierarchy, you can then get to the dialog which is used to insert an attribute change run into the process chain.

  3. 3.      Where you see fit, insert the process into the process chain.

    The Process Chain Maintenance Planning View screen appears.

    Alongside the start process and any attribute change run (the case for master data and hierarchies), the system has inserted the load process and perhaps even the processes integrated with it, into the process chain.

The Process Chain Maintenance Planning View screen appears.

  1. 1.      Navigate in the left-hand area in the chosen Display Component until you reach the Process Chain, into which you want to insert the load process. Select it with a double-click.

    The system displays the process chain plan view in the right-hand side of the screen.

  2. 2.      If no suitable process chain is available, you need to create a new process chain. You can find additional information underCreating a Process Chain.
  3. 3.      To insert a load process, in the left-hand area, choose Process Types.

    The system now displays the process categories available.

  4. 4.      In the process category Load Process and Postprocessing, choose the process Execute InfoPackage.

    The dialog box for inserting a process variant appears.

  5. 5.      Choose an InfoPackage.

    The system decides to transfer the InfoPackage into the process chain as well as the attribute change run (if we got master data and hierarchies), with the processes embedded with the load process where this is applicable.


You have managed to insert the required InfoPackage into a process chain.


You might like to take advantage of some additional info on this subject underProcess Chain Maintenance andCreating a Process Chain.