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Connecting AS Java Systems to the SLDLocate this document in the navigation structure


Each AS Java system has a built-in mechanism for reporting data to the central SLD that you can configure. In addition, other applications that run on the AS Java system can find out where the central SLD is located and use this information to connect. Bear in mind that in special cases, such as for testing or development, the destination SLD to which other application data is reported may be different from the one to which landscape data of your AS Java system is reported.


You must configure the SLD target even if the central SLD is running on the local AS Java system.

In addition, SLD provides every Java application with the option to generate an SLD client for accessing an SLD server.

Configuring the SLD Data Supplier for AS Java Systems

For more information, see Setting Up the SLD Data Supplier for AS Java Systems .

Configuring the SLD Client

For more information, see Configuring the SLD Client .