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SAP NetWeaver Information Lifecycle Management (SAP NetWeaver ILM) enhances the SAP standard delivery with the ability to manage the lifecycle of live and archived data based on rules. SAP NetWeaver ILM uses the ILM-specific, enhanced functions of data archiving.

Typical Features
  • Storage of archived data on an ILM-certified WebDAV server (to guarantee non-changeability of the data and to protect it from premature destruction)

  • Lifecycle Management of data with the following Retention Management functions:

    • Definition of ILM rules (for example, retention rules) for the purpose of mapping legal requirements and their application to live and archived data.

    • Putting legal holds on data that is relevant for legal cases in order to to prevent destruction.

    • Destroying data while taking legal requirements and legal holds into account.

SAP NetWeaver ILM in the Live Application System

With the Retention Management functions of SAP NetWeaver ILM, you can optimize the data volume of live application systems by moving data that is no longer needed for operations. You can then destroy live or stored data according to the legal requirements. The following illustration shows the typical Retention Management functions that are based on ILM-enhanced data archiving functions.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

Optimizing Data Volume with ILM Retention Management

You use ILM rules to define, for example, the minimum and maximum retention periods for data and you store the archived data, which is structured according to the criteria of the ILM rules, in the ILM store. The stored data can be retrieved for tax audits or for the purpose of product liability.

If necessary, you can set legal holds on the data. You can destroy data on which there is no legal hold and for which the retention period has expired. You can destroy data in the ILM store as well as data in the system's database.


1. Preparing to Use SAP NetWeaver ILM

Make SAP NetWeaver ILM available by providing an ILM store, activating the appropriate Business Function, authorizing users for ILM functions, and by configuring all of the functions.

For more information, see: Making SAP NetWeaver ILM Available

2. Using SAP NetWeaver ILM

Use the functions of SAP NetWeaver ILM to optimize the data volume of a live application system. The ILM Retention Management Cockpit gives you access to the relevant functions.

For more information, see: Using ILM Retention Management in the Application System